Press opinion in Evasões

Evasões 2017

“You pass in the second ring by the Campo Grande racetrack and you always feel like making the detour to stop a while. It is a small paradise that very few know. Very few also imagine the restaurant that houses, the Jockey, place of equestrian talks and get-togethers and not only.”
In this critic of Evasões we are distinguished by the space, atmosphere and menu of our restaurant. Special highlight for the loin of the Wellington tenderloin on Fridays and for the “Bacalhau” (salted cod fish) baked with grain on Mondays. Read review

“Revista Evasões” – emerged in August 1997 … the only national magazine entirely focused on the concept of “good life” (…) Evasões is the magazine that surprises and “guides” all those who like to cultivate the art of exquisite pleasures.

Jockey Restaurant