Portuguese flavours a la Carte

Clams Bulhão Pato Style, boiled cod with chick peas, cod with Portuguese corn bread Jockey style, Portuguese mixed meat boil (Cozido à Portuguesa) are some of the dishes made for you to enjoy a delicious traditional Portuguese meal served with a touch of elegance and sophistication that makes everything even more special and delicious. Our menus also include traditional Portuguese desserts. For instance, warm Portuguese rice pudding (Arroz doce) and Abadia Pudding. Will you be able to resist?



Bulhão Pato Clams 22,00€
Spanish Style Clams 22,00€
Cottage Cheese with Pumpkin Puree 7,10€
Flamed Praws in Garlic Sauce 16,00€
Martini Style Prawns 17,00€
Chef’s Style Sautéed Mushrooms 15,75€
Azeitão Cheese 7,05€
Serra da Estrela Cheese 8,55€

Daily Specials

MON Traditional Baked Cod Loin with Chickpeas 19,85€
TUE Broad Beans with Pork Ribs and Village Sausages (available only in Winter) 17,90€
THU Bairrada Style Piglet Roasted in the Jockey’s Oven 21,60€
FRI Beef Wellington Tenderloin 21,45€
SAT Oven Baked Mountain Goatling 22,80€


Chicken Salad 15,20€
Traditional Mixed Salad 4,50€
Exuberant Mesclun Salad 7,00€
Tuna Fish Salad 15,20€
Jockey Salad 17,25€
Salad from Our Garden 5,00€


Soup of the Day 4,00€
Seafood Bisque 6,00€
Alentejo Style Soup 6,00€

Children’s Menu

Hamburger with French Fries and Rice 15,50€


Jockey Style Steak 25,75€
Portuguese Style Fillet Steak 21,40€
Bulhão Pato Style Fillet Steak 21,40€
Steak with Coffee Cream Sauce 25,75€
Indian Route Style Tenderloin Steak 25,75€
German Style Minced Tenderloin Steak 25,75€
Tenderloin Steak with Diablo Sauce 25,75€
Traditional Game Meat Sausage 18,50€
Duck Magret 22,00€
Veal Steak 26,30€
Tenderloin with Mushrooms 26,30€
Filet Mignon with Raisins 26,30€
Tenderloin with Béarnaise Sauce 26,30€
Tenderloin with Prawns and White Wine Sauce 29,00€
Tenderloin with Chimichurri Sauce 26,30€
Iberian Pork Loin with Southern Flavours 21,60€
Iberian Pork “Secretos” 21,60€
Chateaubriand with Béarnaise Sauce (2 Pax) 54,00€


Traditional Carbonara 17,60€
Shrimp Fettuccine 18,60€
Brás Style Vegetables 17,10€
Vegetarian Risotto 17,10€


Grouper Rice/Pasta with Prawns (2 Pax) 51,00€
Seafood Rice (2 Pax) 60,00€
Monkfish Rice (2 Pax) 45,00€
Codfish in Cornbread 26,00€
Grilled Codfish Fillet 26,00€
Narcisa Style Codfish 26,00€
Codfish Fillet Filled with Cheese and Prosciutto 26,00€
Lagareiro Style Octopus 25,05€
Codfish “Cataplana” with Seafood (2 Pax) 51,00€
Seafood “Cataplana” (2 Pax) 51,00€
Bulhão Pato Style Gilthead Sea Bream (kg) 46,50€
Portuguese Style Roasted Sea Bass (kg) 48,40€
Salt-Baked Sea Bass (kg) 48,40€
Grilled Tiger Prawns (kg) 85,00€


Grouper (kg) 59,00€
Turbot (kg) 43,10€
Gilthead Seabream (kg) 44,70€
Wreckfish (kg) 66,00€
Comber (kg) 47,00€
Red Mullet (kg) 66,00€
Sea Bass (kg) 48,40€
Flounder (kg) 58,00€
Red Seabream (kg) 63,00€


Serra da Estrela Cheese with Marmalade 9,40€
Serra da Estrela Soft Cheese with Toasts 8,55€
Sousel Cheese 6,00€
Sousel Cheese with Fig Jam 7,05€
Azeitão Cheese 7,05€


Lemon Meringue Pie 6,60€
Homemade Rice Pudding 5,15€
Red Berries Soup with Lemon Ice Cream 6,90€
Sweet Egg Rolls 6,60€
Sweet Egg Rolls with Lemon Ice Cream 7,10€
Chocolate and Hazelnut Fusion 7,60€
Almond Pie 5,50€
Apple Crumble with Ice Cream 6,90€
Sugar-free Belgian Chocolate Mousse 6,60€
Abade de Priscos Pudding 8,00€
Old Fashion Milk Custard 5,15€
Passion Fruit Cheesecake 6,60€
Wild Berries Cheesecake 6,60€
Chocolate Forest 7,60€
Biscuit and Coffee Cake 5,15€
Passion Fruit Pudding 6,00€
Tatin Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream 8,00€
Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream 6,90€
Delicate Puff Pastry with Egg Custard 6,60€
Ice Cream: Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio, Strawberry,
Lemon, Cream (per scoop)


Pineapple au Naturel 4,50€
Pineapple Scented with Lime Zest 4,85€
Pineapple Flavoured with Port Wine 6,50€
Pineapple with Sweet Egg Rolls 7,95€
Pineapple Carpaccio with Lime Zest and Lemon Ice Cream 6,55€
Orange au Naturel 2,95€
Papaya 4,75€
Kiwi 2,95€
Mango 4,75€
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