The Space

And senses sharpen and prepare you for a delicious, flavoursome experience.

When you visit the Jockey Restaurant at the Hippodrome of Campo Grande you forget you are in the heart of Lisbon. Its esplanade with a clear view provides a pleasant feeling of peace and silence that is only interrupted by the sound of horse hooves against the pavement.

The equestrian atmosphere extends to the English bar and restaurant interior, preparing us for a delicious gastronomic experience that honours traditional Portuguese cuisine.

The Concept

At Jockey, we are driven by tradition.

By our knowledge of Portuguese cuisine origins, our carefully selected ingredients, and the hands that transform these ingredients into traditional Portuguese dishes that are prepared and served with extremely good taste and sophistication.

At Jockey, you can find the best of Portugal in our dishes. Visit us and taste our contry delicious traditions.

Jockey Restaurante