Press opinion in Expresso


We enter the world of horses, but it is carefully crafted of fresh fish and seafood that welcomes visitors in this almost hidden space of Lisbon. The atmosphere is calm and pleasant and the cuisine is a temptation, based on the traditional recipe, in which the sautéed mushrooms stand out. To the chief, the cheese of Azeitão, the postele of Veal to the mirandesa and the cataplana of cod with seafood. In desserts, opt for the baked apple or the Abade de Priscos pudding.


Expresso was first published on 6 January 1973. The founder was Francisco Pinto Balsemão. The paper is based in Lisbon and is published on a weekly basis. The newspaper is part of the Portuguese company Impresa, which also controls various magazines, including Caras and Visão, among the others. in Wikipedia.

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